Introducing Amadi Wallet

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3 min readFeb 27, 2021


Introducing Amadi wallet

There’s a basic truth we all know, and that’s, “crypto has come to stay.” In a bid to bring you closer and encourage you to move with the growth of digital currencies, Quru Lab team is excited to announce the release of the first version of “Amadi.”

What Is Amadi

Amadi is a multi-cryptocurrency mobile wallet built on the Waves blockchain that enables you to store waves and other waves based crypto assets. You can easily manage and access your funds in your wallet on your Android device.

The Amadi wallet is built securely to safeguard your funds and prevent unauthorized access to your funds. You can further protect your account by using the “Account Lock” we’ve integrated to enable you to set a six-digit pin you’ll need to input anything you want to gain access to your wallet or carry out transactions.

You can easily create a new wallet or import existing wallets to access all funds in your account.

You Are In Charge

Store crptocurrency

Amadi app connects you to a decentralized network that enables you to store your funds and carry out transactions without third-party interruption. What we are trying to say is, we have absolutely no access to your account information and its transactions. We are only making it easier for you to access your digital assets on the go.

Easily Track Your Transactions

Track transactions

On Amadi, it’s easier to keep track of all incoming and outgoing transactions. With a simple swipe, you’ll be able to view every fund you send or receive within the app.

Minimal Fees With WART

Pay fees with WART

To enable you to send funds with minimized fees, WART, Waves Africa Reward Token has been integrated for fee payment on Amadi wallet. Send funds on the waves blockchain using the WART token.

Easily Back Up Your Account

Backup your wallet on Amadi by copying its seedphrase. The seed seedphrase allows you to easily gain access to your wallets.

Paraphrase wallet backup

Note: ensure you copy/save your seedphrase offline and online properly, as it is the only way to access your assets once logged out. Amadi app can not recover your seedphrase or generate a new one once lost. Also, keep it away from third parties because anyone with your seed paraphrase can access your wallet and funds.

Partner With Amadi

Looking to create a custom wallet for your project or get your token listed on the Amadi app?

We will list your waves based assets to provide your token holders easy access to their funds. For more information, contact us at

Key Features of Amadi

  • Import and export your wallets with a seed phrase.
  • Store waves and wave-based assets.
  • Receive funds at no cost and send with minimal fees.
  • Fees are paid with WART.
  • Secure account access and activities with a security pin.
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Start sending and receiving cryptocurrencies on the waves blockchain with Amadi.

Download The App For Free Now.



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